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What is Ba Zi?

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Chinese Value System

Chinese value Destiny so highly that it  is the FIRST in ORDER of their TOP priorities, SECOND: Luck and THIRD: Feng Shui.

Discover your Destiny is a complex study of a person's date of birth, astrology sign and the Five Elements.

Destiny and Luck are Innate Factors

The belief that Destiny and Luck are innate  factors.

Feng Shui, Education and Philanthorpy?

Non-innate factors: Feng Shui, Education and Philanthropy combined can contribute to a person's success!  Therefore, a person's life is influenced by his birth date  (Your Destiny) while good Feng Shui and hardwork will contribute  to a happy life.

Pillars of Destiny

In Chinese astrology it is vital to know the Eight Characters of your horoscope, these being the  characters for the HOUR, DAY, MONTH and YEAR of your birth.

Each of the HOUR, DAY, MONTH and YEAR of your birth will have a combination of the Heavenly Stem  and Earthly Branch, giving a total of eight characters.

Take the example of a person known as Mr Samuel Richard, Male born on 6 March 1970 at 3.00am.  With the resulting eight characters, namely falling under hour, day, month and year:-

Samuel Richard's Eight Characters of Birth Chart:- 



1st  Pillar

2nd  Pillar

3rd  Pillar

4th  Pillar






Heavenly Stem

yang EARTH

yin WOOD

yang EARTH

yang METAL

Earthly  Branches

yang WOOD


yang WOOD

yang EARTH

Why is it called Eight Characters?

By looking at the above Chart, you will  notice that there are 4 columns X 2 rows = Eight Characters.  It is easy to understand why the Chinese call this theory simply as a person's Eight Characters.

Is the Eight Characters also known as  Four Pillars of Destiny or Pillars of Destiny?

Yes! The Eight Characters is also known  as the 4 Pillars of Destiny or simply as Pillars of Destiny  because there are a total of 4 columns that make up the above table. Imagine each Column as a Pillar = Four Pillars.

In Mandarin, it is also called Pa-Zhi or Ba-Zhi which is a direct translation of the English word Eight Characters. Traditionally it was usually written from  Right to Left but not important here as it is simply the way Chinese write.

It is the most accurate divinity method  available in the world.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is considered  by many as one of the most accurate methods of divinity in the world. It is based on the ancient Chinese Book of Changes or IChing, the principles of yin and yang, the 5  elements as well as the art of Chinese astrology. Thus it is not based on random set of predictions but a well defined set of various Chinese theories.

What are the uses for knowing my Pillars of Destiny?

1. Finding a name for a newborn child.

In the past, it was a tradition of many  Chinese officials, parents or grandparents to consult an expert on Pillars of Destiny to draw up and intepret a newborn's `Eight Characters'. This is to look at the child's `strengths'  and `weaknesses' (if any) e.g. in one case, the child was  born `lacking' the water element and the parent choose a  name with Chinese Character of "Water" for his name.

The parent of the child would then keep  their child's Pillars of Destiny Report for future reference  or safekeeping.

2. House Planning and Decoration.

In the above example, the child lacks the  Water Element and this information would be useful when  he plans his house and decoration/renovations. It would thus be beneficial for his house to have more of either the Water element or Metal element to compensate this.

As the child is a Wood person his personal colours are green or brown.

3. Fortune-telling by 10 year periods.

Click here to find out or Wait!, this will be covered  fully in a later topic.

4. Create Company Logos based on your  suitable elements.

Click here to find out or Wait!, this will be covered  fully in a later topic.

5. More uses of Pillars of Destiny.

Other uses of Pillars of Destiny Report  includes Compatible with associates, friends and love-match;  suitable Occupation, Health tips, gemstones and much more!  You can even show this report to your Feng Shui practioner  and even claim a discount! *JOKE*

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