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Lawsuit Problem

Solution Wizard - Lawsuit Problem

Quarrels Problems usually originates from the a combination of the following problems:-

Below are some of the Do-It-Yourself analysis you can use to identify your problem. If you do not wish to worry about how to apply the reports, you can always select the Leave it to our Expert Help for the various packages.

Problem: 1. Inauspicious Sector from the Flying Star Analysis at the Main Door / Office Sector.

ie, if the stars have say Star 2/3/4/5 at the Main Door / Office Sector, particularly Star 3 / 4 relating to Qurrels & Romance problem, and or combinations of stars which form problems relating to Lawsuits. Usually, such lawsuit problems are Flying Star related issues.

Use the Flying Star (Xuan Kong) House Analysis Report to identify problem areas and fixing it will help reduce the impact of the problem.


Recommended Package

Our Recommended Package is for Do-It-Yourself or Full Audit Package:-

Solving Problems

The above are usually the problems affecting the Lawsuit are affected by the House. Once you identify these problems, then at least you will be able to apply certain cures to fixing it so as to reduce the overall problem.


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