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  1. Dear cecil, Why most chinese people display picture of Emperor and Empress in their homes and shops. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil, With growing population more and more land is being used by human beings every where in the world. We see the jungles and rain forest disappearing. What about china, is there any protected land which is left untouched to preserve the nature but also kept in its original state for future generation. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, Do chinese people believe in re cycling to protect the environment. What type of things they recycle. Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, So far the forum has been flame free and very cordial. What about the chat rooms. Will chat rooms be flame free. Thanks.
  5. Dear robert, Would like to know when the Zi Wei Dou Shu report will be available to the users. Thanks.
  6. Dear cecil, What is the belief behind the 8 immortals. Why chinese people give it so much importance. Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, Would like to see a picture of real bamboo plant. I know it is common in some countries but not all users have seen a real bamboo plant. Thanks.
  8. Dear cecil, Would like to see real pictures of how the beams are cured. There are diagrams available on the forum. But since this is such a new concept for users so would like to see pictures showing real beam in a room or house is cured using the 6 coins and also the flute so users can get a idea how to do it themselves. Thanks.
  9. Hi glyn, I was wondering why would you pick the south to place the water since it does not have particularly good water star. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, Is there any substitute for trees/plant. Since places which are covered with snow half year the trees/plant look awful in the off season. There is no leaf left on stems and they give sad feeling. They look like this big brown giants standing tall almost empty. Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, The sun is considered as yang and moon is considered as yin. What about stars. Are stars considered yin or yang. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, What is the most popular chinese delicacy. Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures of old chinese furniture and also of modern chinese furniture. Since it would be interesting for the user to see the contrast between the two types of furniture. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that the chinese people do not display chrysanthemum plant inside the home. Is this true. Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that chinese people do not keep a azalea plant or fig plant in their homes since they consider them yin plants. Is this true. Thanks.
  16. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures of bamboo plants. Thanks.
  17. Dear cecil, In the picture showing the four stars general representing four directions. In the stars4 picture What is the animal on which north star general is sitting on and how come only 4 stars are shown in the picture. Thanks.
  18. Dear cecil, Would like to see messages numbered so that it is easy to find them. Like somebody else mentioned they saw some info on the forum and were not able to find it again. If they are numbered one can easy remember the number and go back and read it again. You will ask why cant they save the message. Well there is no option for that either. That is the reason users wanted the option for email it to friend. So they can send it to a friend for email it to their own account so that they can back to that message again. Thanks.
  19. Dear cecil, Why chinese people give so much significance to bamboo plant. It is depicted in painting and is used in furniture and is part of chinese cuisine(bamboo shoots). Thanks.
  20. Dear cecil, What is the significance of praying to stars. Thanks.
  21. Dear cecil, I needed to know when should one install cures/changes for the yearly flying star 2000. Secondly the Tai su is moving to E-SE 120 Does that mean we can do digging and planting in East now. Thanks.
  22. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that people make changes in their houses one month in advance to get ready for chinese new year. That people go as to change the doors and windows according to flying star to make the stars favorable for the chinese new year. Is it true. Thanks.
  23. Dear cecil, Would like to see the pictures of Chinese Year (Feb 5, 2000) celebration. Thanks.
  24. Dear cecil, I needed to know why the owner installed the statue of the lady with umberalla. Is it for decoration purpose or is there any significance to it. Thanks.
  25. Dear cecil, Is having a chimney on top of the main door bad. Thanks.
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