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  1. Dear cecil, In the picture in which the center point is drawn. It shows some missing area. Are they in fact missing corners and how they were corrected. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil, I have heard so many stories about ghosts.I was wondering how geomancer or the person who detects them protect themselves since ghost are very yin entities and usually harm peoples. Thanks.
  3. Hi every body, I completely agree with cecil about what he said that if its not broken, don't fix it. I have a bad habit of moving things around the house. Its not something new. I have been doing it since I was child. But since I started applying feng shui(flying star) to my home. i started noticing that whenever I change or move things around too much something goes wrong and next day I rearrange it back to what it was in the beginning. Before knowing feng shui I use to think that I am unlucky that's why bad things are happening. But now I don't think that but know that may be I changed the direction of Qi which is not favorable to me. And I have learned a important lesson. That there is time and place for everything in life and rushing things wont change things like a seed wont become a tree without undergoing all the stages of germination and growth. And that adding too much of fertilizer or water or sunshine wont make it grow any faster.
  4. Dear cecil, Why is it bad to keep stove in NE and SW. Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures of use of coins to counteract the ill affects of beams. Since for most people outside the Hong Kong kong , Taiwan and Singapore it is difficult to visualize what is the correct way. Since never seen how it is done. Thanks.
  6. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that buying a house where the facing star is trapped by the center is bad. What does that mean (facing star getting trapped by center). Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, What is the significance of having double 7 at the main door and also at a particular sector. Thanks.
  8. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that having a shop or business near a taxi stand and bus station is auspicious since when the bus stops the good chi accumulates and when the wind blows the chi comes to the shop or business. Is it true. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Some body told me that keeping crystals in the bedroom causes nightmare. Is it true. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that keeping potted plants outside the living room window and bedroom window causes sickness. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, My stove faces the stairs. Is this bad. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, My kitchen faces the bedroom door. Is this bad. Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, My main door opens outside and the first thing one sees after entering is dinning room and the dinning table is visible from the main door. Is this bad. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, Yellow color is good for me according to the to my pillar of destiny. So I have light yellow color curtains and bedspread etc. But a friend of mine said that I should not use yellow color since it makes the yellow star #5 worse. Is it true. Will using yellow color inside the house will make one sick? Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, Is having a red sofa bad? Thanks
  16. Dear cecil, I live in a house which was build more than hundred years ago. I did the flying stars report according to year it was built since there is no way of finding out if any changes were made during past 100 years since the latest owner bought it only last year and it has been sold and resold many time. Is there any way of knowing whether we used the correct year? Since we feel as if there needs some fine turning but we are unable to know which sector or what? Thanks.
  17. Dear cecil and robert, Would like to see detailed and simplified instruction for posting the layout on the forum other than doc. So it will help the users to attach their layout easily without getting confused. Thanks
  18. Dear robert and cecil, How much time it takes to see the affects of enhancing oneself with their favorable element. Does the amount of favorable element matters? Thanks.
  19. Dear cecil, I have seen at least couple of feng shui books which mention the tips about selling the house. eg. 1. One should paint the door red. 2. Hang a wind sock at the deck. 3. Keep boulders in the front of the home with blessings written on a piece of paper inside a red envelop and keep them underneath the boulders. 4. Change the color of dinning room to salmon color. 5.Remove the clearings from the stove top and put them in the red envelop and throw them in the water. 6. Hang wind chimes and crystals through out the house. 7. Change the color of the panelling. Is any of this tip true. I am not selling my house but wanted to know since so many users have asked this question on the forum. Thanks.
  20. Dear cecil, Somebody told me that fudogs are similar to lions. Is this true. Thanks.
  21. Hi glyn, Cecil mentioned that you are one of his student. That means you have taken the course. Can you kindly share your views about the course. What is the best thing you liked about it and how it helps you in your consultations. Thanks.
  22. Dear cecil, My friend lives in a duplex and her kitchen is on the upper floor and bathroom is on the lower floor and kitchen is located exactly on top of the bathroom. Is this considered bad. Thanks.
  23. Dear cecil, Is hanging the wreaths (flower or pine) on the main door bad. Some people hang it in the wall behind their headboard. Is it bad. Thanks.
  24. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that having a white picket fence is bad. That one should have either green or blue picket fence. Is it true. Thanks.
  25. Dear robert and cecil, Would like to see a category called fortune cookies so whenever user clicks on it a wise message will pop up like it does when somebody opens a fortune cookies. Thanks.
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