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  1. Hi everyone, Any body interested in good Nine star Ki for Love and relationship should try the book called Introducing Oriental Astrology Nine Star Ki Michio Kushi's Guidebook on Love & Relationships, Health & Travel & Preparing for the New Millennium by author Michio Kushi.
  2. Dear cecil, What is the significance of the hammer(red and black) symbol at the end of the geomancy-forum site. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, The plums are purple in color and they do not look like gold. ( I am referring to plum like in plum sauce). Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, Recently I saw lot of questions regarding the symbolism were posted. I know they are not part of the feng shui. But in my opinion they should be discussed and clarified. Since there are so many books and the site which are selling it as feng shui. And it is misleading to the general public since it is a new subject and they do not know what is true and what is false. And you would be surprised to see what kind of books are popping up in the market. eg feng shui for cats and feng shui for dogs , Cooking with feng shui. Massage with feng shui and a 300 page about the placement of altar(keeping 5 elements in the bedroom) which is not a good idea since water in the bedroom is bad. Recently I saw in my neighborhood somebody had installed a cement Laughing Buddha on the ground outside their home near the road which became the favorite site of the 4 legged friend. I know it is bad feng shui to have bad smell etc near the main door which was not apparent to them since they read it in the book that one should install a cement Laughing Buddha for increasing wealth and the book did not explain how or where should it installed. For this reason I think the symbolism should be discussed so user can differentiate what is feng shui and what is belief and user who already bought symbols should be able to place it correctly since keeping beautiful things around the home is good feng shui. Would like hear your views on this. Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, Thank you for clarifying the privacy issue it is important to me since I don't want to be flooded with junk mail and due to the the threat of the Y2toU virus I want to be safe than sorry. And I do agree with you that polls are very beneficial for learning feng shui. Its a great idea and makes the site more interesting and great source of learning feng shui.
  6. Dear cecil, I needed to know if one participates in the fun poll will the privacy of the user maintained. And that the email will not be shared or given without the users consent. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, Any body interested in face reading book should try the book called Face Reading Can you face the facts by author called Wu Ying. It is very simply written and interesting book.
  8. Dear cecil, What is the correct way of keeping a altar. Should they be kept facing the main door or window. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Why chinese people give so much importance to plum plant. Every chinese house either displays a picture of plum plant or artificial or real plum plant. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, Why only the dragon and phoenix and kept in the bedroom and rest everything 3 star Gods and 8 immortal are kept in the living room facing the window. Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, Need more information about the one Fullerton building since picture is not clear. It meets the form school criteria (mountain at the back and water in the front). Roof looks inauspicious with water and metal shape unless it symbolizes some auspicious thing. So need to know if it symbolizes some auspicious form since it will help to look at the building with different p respective. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, Why only pink envelops are used? Why not red color envelops? Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, Would like to see a picture of Chinese new year card and also the Chinese Wedding Card. Is the Chinese New Year Card different from the regular card. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that in the 1944-1963 the #5 is in the center of the loushu and becomes the lucky number then what is the illness star the period 5. Since from what I have read so far #2 and #5 are the illness and misfortune star. Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that the kitchen should not be next to Mortuary in a Hospital building. Is it bad to have Pharmacy next to the Mortuary. Thanks.
  16. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that one should not have men's and women's restroom (toilet)side by side in a company. Is it true. Thanks.
  17. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that one should not have a logo with a circle inside a triangle. Is it true. Thanks.
  18. Dear cecil, You mentioned that there are too many feng shui flaws in the fortredale building. What will happen to it. Will somebody ever live in that building in future or it will be sold on very discounted price. Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, I think following intuitive feng shui is confusing and frustrating. There is no doubt that it works but it leaves a huge question mark in the mind why it worked since sometimes it works for one location but if one applies it to other location it does not work. So it is trial and error thing and it is little scary since in this busy world most people are not that in tuned to their intuition. And one has to apply it one at a time and wait for results(good or bad). I think people who have experience in intuitive feng shui should practise it other should stick to more generally followed method. Well it is just my opinion but would love to hear from other peoples views (good or bad).
  20. Dear cecil, Would like to see the conference called the face reading so user can ask question regarding the face reading since no book is available regarding this topic and this way readers can ask question and learn this fascinating topic. Thanks.
  21. Dear cecil, What is the best place to keep the laughing Buddha. I read somewhere that it is not worshipped but people rub his tummy for good luck. Is this true. Thanks.
  22. Dear cecil, What is the significance of chinese paper lantern? Thanks.
  23. Dear cecil, In a multi rise building is it necessary that the CEOs office should be located on the top most floor. Why? What will happen if it is located on the lower floor. Thanks.
  24. Dear cecil, Why only the earth God is kept in kitchen and LU Fu and Sau cant be kept in kitchen. Thanks.
  25. Dear cecil, You mentioned the knot in the 8 lucky symbols of the Buddhism in photo tour. What is the significance of the knot. Thanks.
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