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  1. Dear cecil, Why chinese people give so much importance to deer and crane. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil, Do chinese people believe in UFO and extra terrestrial life. Thanks.
  3. Would like to see a picture of God of Wealth and would like to know the belief behind it. Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, 2000 couples got married on the millennium day in Thailand. Are mass wedding common in Thailand or it happened since it the dragon year or simply its new millennium. Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, What do you think is your grandmother secret to good health and longevity?
  6. Dear cecil, In olden days chinese people use to give lot of importance to education since it was their ticket to becoming part of the Royal court. Do they still importance to education as they use use to give in olden days. Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, Are these kind of funeral ceremonies still performed or it is changed with changing time.(photo tour of Chinese funeral ceremony)
  8. Dear cecil, You mentioned in the photo tour of interest that toad is one of the 5 animals which chinese people consider inauspicious then why the three legged toad is considered lucky and why most chinese people display it in their homes and offices. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Why chinese people give so much importance to mandarin duck. Its in the wall hangings, in the poetry and also on the dinner menu. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, My friend collects metal sculpture and keeps in the bedroom due to lack of space. I needed to know is it bad. Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, What is the best place to keep a telephone or fax machine. Some books say to keep in one of the good sector some say in the W and NW. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that all the family pictures and pictures of ancestors should be kept in SW or NW of the living room and that pictures of ancestors should not be kept in the dinning room. Is there any truth to this. Thanks.
  13. Hi glyn, I was wondering if you can share with us what of feng shui problems in houses you come across in your audits in Southern Hemisphere. Is houses any different from other countries. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, Would like to know if there is a link to the ecard for Chinese New Year. Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, Would like to see a conference for Nine Ki star so users can clarify their doubts since Nine Ki star is a cousin of feng shui. Thanks.
  16. Dear cecil, I read in the book that one should not use color black under any circumstance even if the water element is beneficial for somebody should use different shades of blue but not black. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
  17. Dear cecil, Me and my friends have noticed that you never reply to questions on improving relationships and about having babies. We were wondering why? Since even reputed Master like Master Yu mentioned that Bazi feng shui can be used for improving relationship and fertility. Thanks.
  18. Dear cecil, Would like to see picture of pig with umberala. Just imagining it brings smile on the face. Thanks.
  19. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures of semi detached and Bung low houses. Would like to know how they are different from flats. Thanks.
  20. Dear cecil, If one places the statues outside the home then one cant control the nature and birds and 4 legged animals. Wont it be disrespectful to the statues if bird 's and small animals made a mess near it or around it. Thanks.
  21. Dear cecil, Is there any binding element for smoothing relationship between parents and the adult children. Like there is for husband and wife. Thanks.
  22. Dear Anon, If you cant find the old chinese coins then you can use Singapore 1 dollar (as shown by cecil in the photo tour of interest). These can be get from any foreign currency exchange office in your country or any international airport in your city. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  23. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures showing most auspicious furniture arrangement. Thanks.
  24. Dear cecil, I wanted to know if the mailing list subscriber be able to participate in the fun poll. Thanks.
  25. Dear robert and cecil, Like the new home page of the forum and geomancy.net. Also like the other changes to the forum. Now it looks very pleasing and uncongested. It is relaxing to read the forum since the eyes are not distracted from information at the top, bottom and sides. Hope the same be true for geomancy.net. I am waiting for it to be finished. Thumbs up for good job.
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