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  1. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that one should not hang pictures of roosters or keep rooster sculpture in the dinning room. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil, Does women in china allowed to serve in army (real combat) or are there any women in politics (holds a powerful seat in government) or are there any chinese women pilot. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that the women are not allowed to touch the seven star swords. That it is considered a very mystical and powerful thing that the store owners don't sell it to a women customer at any cost. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
  4. Hi glyn, You mentioned in the earlier posting that water in west is bad. Why? What if the main door or living room is in west and has #7 water star in west. Is it still bad then.
  5. Dear cecil, The reason I asked for yin/yang balance picture is so that user can understand the concept better. I came across a book in which the author had explained the concept by using pictures from real life, interior decoration and gardens etc. eg pictures of sunrise as the yang and the pictures of moonlight as yin also eg. darker color walls (yang) lighter color carpet(yin) and many more. Since it is such an important part of learning feng shui. I thought pictures explaining this concept will be beneficial for users. Thanks.
  6. Hi fraser, I read your reason for finding out the Heaven-Earth-Human Luck Percentages. I am sorry to say that I do not agree with your reasoning. I think the dreams and other tools like palm history, astrology and 8 character bazis are supposed to be used as guiding tools to strengthen oneself so one can face life without fear and with hope and determination. Not with your reasoning that if the 10 years ahead are going to be tough so why bother to change the outcome since it is destined to be so. Nobody knows for sure what future holds and the destiny can always be changed since there are other unknown factors which affect the destiny. And it is universal law. One will get what one sow. What if you don't make any effort during that 10 years then your future years after 10 years might get affected too. Have you ever thought what would have happened to thousands of cancer patient (if they believed in your reasoning) who were told by their doctors that they would not live more than 6 months. Instead they live 10-15 years after the diagnosis because they made changes in their diet and sought other alternative medications. In my opinion one should put all their efforts and live life to full no matter what the destiny or astrology says.
  7. Dear cecil, Is living in a tilted building bad. The architectures vision was to build the building resembling a half opened flower with the half opened petals. But I guess result is quite different. And the building instead of standing straight looks as if its going to tilt over any time. Thanks.
  8. Dear cecil, Would like to see some pictures showing the yin/ yang balance. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Would like to see a picture of chinese jade plant. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, Any body interested in face reading book should try the book called The Ancient Chinese Art of Feature Reading Face Fortunes. by author Peter Shen & Joyce Wilson. Not only the book is simply written but every thing is explained with diagrams.
  11. Dear cecil, The clock is on the wall adjacent to the windows. clock is positioned at #1. Thanks. __1_________ || || ||window || ____________ _
  12. Dear cecil, Does the current generation practises Qigong or do they practise more modern forms of exercises. Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, why so much importance is given to dragon carved chair. I read only who are strong are advised to sit on it. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, Is keeping a clock very close to window bad? Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, I came across couple of books where keeping a water plant is emphasized. And it says that plant without the soil. My question is plant is still a plant whether in water or soil. So why water plant categorized differently? Thanks.
  16. Dear cecil, What kind of feng shui effect the huge manmade structure like Eiffel tower of Paris and the pyramids in Egypt have on their surroundings and the city for that matter. Thanks.
  17. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that for a house to have good feng shui it should have door and windows in 1:3 ratio. Is it true. Thanks.
  18. Dear cecil, You mentioned in the earlier posting that there are plump children in china. I read somewhere that there is lack of obesity among the chinese population. Thanks.
  19. Dear cecil, How many children one family use to have in older days. I read somewhere that one of the reason people use to have more children is due to weather. Thanks.
  20. Dear cecil, Would like to see a picture of house showing the ming tang. Thanks.
  21. Dear cecil, Would not like to see the contradictory advertisement(like CMT cigars). Since feng shui is for good health, wealth and prosperity. And CMT cigars are not beneficial to health. Since smoking is the root cause of lung cancer and many other diseases. So please display the advertisements which are beneficial to health etc as proposed by feng shui. Thanks.
  22. Dear cecil, Would like to know how the yearly flying star for 2000 will work. Do we have to create a new flying star report or it will be updated on the old flying star report. Thanks.
  23. Dear cecil, Why chinese people display large vases near the entrances of their restaurants and the shops. Thanks.
  24. Dear cecil, Would like to see a picture of 8 immortal and would also like to know the belief behind it. Thanks.
  25. Dear cecil, In the photo tour of interest (pictures of Bungalow houses). There is a tree in the front of the house. Will it be considered a poison arrow. What is the white structure on top of the house(looks like a coin with dragon fish). Thanks.
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