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  1. Dear robert and cecil, Would like to see a option called "email it to friend" so users can email a message to friend who does not have access to internet. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that people belonging to different animal signs should improve their feng shui during particular year by using different animal . eg pig sign should improve the feng shui by keeping a dog in the year 1999. Dragon a golden turtle or golden cat. Is this part of feng shui? Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that in feng shui the address of the home should be visible from road and that house number should be written rising up vertically at an 45 angle instead of horizontally. Is there any truth in this. Thanks. eg. 688 should be written 8 8 6
  4. Dear cecil, What is the significance of keeping a gourd at home? Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, Can one use feng shui copper ruler to eliminate the shar from #2 and #5. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
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