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The Shops

The concept of analysing shops are similar to that of the Home.

Lets look at an example of a shop entrance:- 

Feng Shui has also been applied to the shop design.

Similiar practices for surveying the home and office are used in this case:-

1. The Shapes and Form School.
2. The Eight Trigrams.
3. The Flying Star or Time Dimension Theory.

In essence:-

1. The main entrance of the shop.

Is one of the most important considerations for a shop i.e. `attract' customers. The two picture below shows typical shop fronts:- 

This layout (see below) is unfavourable. Notice the narrow doorway with a wall on the left side? 

2. The building. The layout and placement of the shelves, display and cashier counters.

3. The use of colours. The colour scheme e.g. blue for the North (water element), pink for the South (fire element).




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