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The Office

The concept of analysing office are similar to that of the Home.

Lets look at the various arrangement of the orientation of the office table and chair. If you are a `superior' i.e. having a room of your own; you can orientate the position of your office table to suit you.

Do take note of the following examples:-





Office Tables:-

1. Do not place a table in front of a toilet.

2. Do not place a table under a staircase.

3. Do not place the table in front of the door.

4. Place tables parallel to each other.

5. Do not place a table with a door behind it.

6. The CEO's table should be located at a place where there is a `solid' wall behind him and there can be no movement behind him e.g. a passage way.




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... very interesting talk you did ... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net"Thanks for the very interesting talk you did at the Rotary Club meeting held at M Hotel." - Wong Pei Wai

"I like to thank you in your help in selecting my newborn son's name! As you are aware, we asked you to check for us all our names! Our life has certainly improved (our luck changed) ever since, I had my name corrected by you" Cheers! E C Tan

"Dear Cecil, Robert, Thank you for the talk this afternoon. It was very well received and we were saying that your website will be very busy today! Thanks again and perhaps we can do another talk on palmistry later part of this year or next year! Thanks again! Thanks & Regards" - Saw Peng, Estee Lauder Cosmetics