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Feng Shui Element Computerized Report


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Free Personal Feng Shui Element Report


Eight Characters Feng Shui Chart
Name: Samuel Richard (Male - 12 Sep 1954)
D.O.B: Lunar (1954, 8th month, 16 day) at 1.00 p.m. to 2.59 p.m.
Kua Type


This a free version of this report, thus you will only be shown limited version and minimal explanations for the analysis and that all analysis is treated as weak element.


Free Personal Feng Shui Element



This report contains ONLY Limited Analysis. Therefore it will NOT contain any detailed explanation or analysis of information. It will NOT be as accurate as a Full report, as MANY AREAS have NOT been taken into consideration. Also, your pillars will be taken as weak for the analysis.

After analysing your Eight Characters of Birth, we have determined that your birth element is Weak Metal.






    • Production Cycle - Metal produce Water, Water produce Wood, Wood produces Fire, Fire produces Earth, and Earth produces Metal
    • Destruction Cycle - Metal destroy Wood, Wood destroy Earth, Earth destroy Water, Water destroy Fire, and Fire destroy Metal





Favourable Elements


perlist-fs-element-report Most Favourable Element
perlist-fs-element-report Favourable Element





Unfavourable Elements


perlist-fs-element-report Most Unfavourable Element
perlist-fs-element-report Unfavourable Element





Five Element Representation Chart




Element Cures
Metal metallic objects like chrome, stainless steel, decorative bronze and silver and any other metal objects.
Water fabrics in blue, grey, black leather and blue paintings e.g. sea scenes
Wood plants, wooden furniture and wooden objects.
Fire more warm colours, light and heating
Earth plants or yellow fabrics or yellow paints and painting


A more detailed analysis is only available for the full Pillars of Destiny Standard / Pillars of Destiny Premium report.


General Warning

Please note that all limited analysis reports are limited in its analysis (meaning that it DOES NOT do a full analysis). It DOES provide the very basic chart details (such as Flying Star Chart, Pillars of Destiny Chart etc). This is because we are a Center for Applied Feng Shui Research so providing the basic calculation of the charts are for the benefit of ALL users. It leaves all further analysis, interpretation, use of this free report entirely on the user's own interpretation and understanding of the various reports.

We will provide 100% e-mail/forum support for further analysis queries for it's Paid reports as only the Paid report provides a complete and detailed analysis report. We will personally access your paid reports to gather information about you before providing you with recommendations on how to solve, improve, or whatever steps you need to take.


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