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    1. More to do with the individual or if married couples their ba zi elements to see a preferred Guan Yin figure. 1.1 Unless one is going to be “married” for life to the same home.. then can do do. Else foolish to buy a Guan Yin based on just that home’s placement direction. 1.2 In Singapore, most young couples do change or upgrade a home several times. Do how’s your logic for this? Especially if the future direction may differ from this home that you are talking about. 2. There can be differences in opinions. Some is based on common sense. Some based on preferrences. 2.1 As through the years, some are horrified or felt that it is a stigma to use white. And or some feel that it can easily turn yellowish thru time due to the burning of incense.
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    Thank you so much Cecil for your prompt reply. I think I was right, I was thinking the unit next to it at the end there but that seems like a t-junction house as well just that a car is less likely, but till possible, to crash into that unit as well. And I am not sure what the developer would build next to it as well.
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    My aunt is considering Stack 6 or Stack 15. Based on the principle that it should be further from the refuse chute as possible, I guess Stack 15 would be the better choice 80% sold reported is out of 200 units only...it translates to approximately 20% sold out of the total 774 units for the entire development.
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    Attaching the refuse chute location circled in red. Bin center is marked As T1 under Tower 4.
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    Laser tattoo removal: This is what getting a tatto removed looks like!
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    Ba Zi and my: Career Success – Rapid promotion & better pay My Popularity - Win support from benefactors Business Success - Great sales & profits Windfall - Increase 4D/Toto winnings chances Investments Success - High & consistent returns Good Health - Improve health & longevity Great Family - Enjoy blissful relationships Romance Luck - Find true love Successful Studies - Achieve academic excellence Useful sildes showing the significance of various information in your ba zi reports: 1. Look at your day of birth: Heavenly stem. Your element is based on this. 1.1 Thus for this person, she is considered as a weak wood. As the day she was born is a wood element day:- 2. Chinese geomancers use this information to determine one's Mandarin name:- 3. Each element represents a certain body function:- 4. Shapes and Colour associations with the Five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth 5. Can I go into business? 6. My personal traits... 7. I am a strong earth person... 8. Am I a competitive person? 9. Am I an authoritative person? 10. What are my suitable careers? 11. Do I have business opportunities? 12. I have lottery luck? 13. How is my overall luck? 14. How is my 6 monthly luck like?
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    Part 12A: Another consideration is a Chinese Temple site at the North of Piermont Grand. 1. In fact, Piermont Grand's Site Plan, even when I zoomed into it; shows thin and tiny fonts used to reluctantly spell: "Proposed place of worship" as shown, here.. LOL 2. Piermont Grand’s coastline neighbour HDB Punggol Bayview Site plan also shows the Sumang Link site.. which we now know as Piermont Grand. 2.1. This Site plan distinctively states that the place of worship is proposed to be a Chinese temple. 2.2. The Piermont Grand's map "sneakly" just mentions "Proposed place of worship"; in my opinion most likely on purpose. As locally, some are more concerned that it is a Chinese temple vs a church unlike that of The Flo on the opposite of Punggol. LOL The small rectangular tab to the north of Piermont Grand indeed is reserved for a Chinese Temple... one more consideration... during the purchase of a unit in this development.
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    Hi Adrian, 1. Yes, that's correct. 2. That's why I kept saying that those type of chart is only focus on a portion of what you need to do. Without first strengthening your favourable weak element that you lack <20%, you won't be able to control your wealth. 3.1. Your earlier 10-yearly big luck (2009-2018) and 5-yearly medium luck (2014-2018) is not with you. Hence, you only had the yearly small luck from 2016-2018 3.2. Your current 10-yearly big luck (2019-2028) have big luck changing in your favour. Even your 5-yearly medium luck (2019-2023) and next 5-yearly medium luck (2024-2028) are in your favour. However, you would lose your yearly small luck, except until 2028-2030 when yearly small luck swings back in your favour. 3.3. Overall, that means you still gain more luck from big and medium luck influence. This upcoming luck period should generally have more luck on your side, so things are more likely to go in your favour no matter what you do. 4. In your case, you currently have big luck with you for next 3 decade. However, you will either only have 5-yearly with you or yearly small luck with you but not both. So there is no period which you can enjoy all 3 big/medium/small luck for maximum luck boost. But it would still definitely be better than your earlier luck period where big luck was generally not in your favour. So generally, you should have better luck overall, just not the very best possible. 5. Since more luck is generally on your side than in the earlier period, things should go well no matter which career option you go for. Usually, when luck is on your side, that is usually the better time to go all out in your career as that's likely when things will go well for you. Just watch out for some bad years or years that have clashes which would indicate more challenges in those years. 5.1. So generally this would be a good time for option 2 and 3, ie join another company with good potential, as to whether you want to do side line job, that depends on how much spare time you can spare and the opportunity cost of doing so. If the side-line doesn't impact your existing job, then I don't see why not so as to earn extra income. 6.1. As for option 4 of starting a business, well I can say that only a handful of people have a businessman type of chart. So for most people, they will find better prospects by working for others vs starting their own business. However, if you can find the right partners to complement your chart, possibly you can consider this. 6.2. This option 4 is not going to be easiest since your chart is more of a work for others type of chart and that your big luck isn't the very best. That's why you can't find a luck period with all three big/medium/luck with you despite being in a big luck. Which is also one factor that is needed for a successful businessman type of chart. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
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    Hi Master Lee, Thank you so much for the explanation. Therefore it seems facing the north is still a better choice. Tho Sun travel around, Bedroom that face north will get WEST SUN from this period. APRIL TO OCT before SUN shift toward south west. Is either you get more sun with city view or less sun with no view LOL.. Have a great weekend Master Lee
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    Dear Master Lee, For HDB flats that are progressively constructed from now till 2023 (expected completion), will it be considered as period 8 or period 9 house since 2023 is so close to period 9?
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    Saw this article recently. Are there really condos without kitchen/kitchenette at all? Anybody seen such projects before?
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    1. For simplicity, in general, this can be considered a sha qi or poison arrow IF the outline of marking in red B (triangle) exactly faces towards your home's main door:- 2. As for the "TIP" as shown as marking "A" often it is more potent if the opening is exactly parallel with this "TIP":- 3. While the portion of "B" the actual triangle can range from any vertical "purple" height as shown above. 4. From your photo (while standing) at the main door opening (I think); it does look like a threat. Usual cure is often a convex mirror above the main door. While other alternative cures such as a 6 hollow rod wind chime may not be appropriate especially if the frontage of your home does not have a roof where it can be placed exactly in-front of the main door. 5. The above is usually the norm and often many Feng Shui (FS) practitioners will (may) call this a threat. Thus the idea of "Being safe than sorry" means that often a cure is proposed. 6. Few if any FS practitioners have never highlight that there is a possibility that both "A" and "B" has to be parallel with one's home in order to be a threat. This is why I mentioned under Para 1. "For simplicity....." And also above Para 5. 7. Frankly, in theory and based on the "science of Feng Shui", it CAN be a "threat" if it is only parallel with A and B. 8. Another way of looking at it from the "art of Feng Shui"; if one feels uneasy with the photo then it is considered closer to the "traditional" universal threat towards your home. Again, it is the " be safe than sorry"......thing!
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    1. Yes it is still a trapezium PLOT of land. However, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is still acceptable to have the back of the land broader than the front. Not perfect but acceptable given that the home (based on the above) helicopter view is rectangular. 2. As the home is set-back and that this is a service road; the test of a vehicle ploughing especially towards the main entrance door is not a threat, this is a plus point. 3. High back (wall) does not seem threatening of a landslide - based on last photo given that it seems like the back (slope) is a solid concrete. 4. Thus not perfect but acceptable.. 5. As the neighbour's home as shown as marking "B": has "sharp corners"; from this photo: still does not seem to be an issue:- 5.1. But on the other hand house marked as "A" might or might not have poison arrow(s) if any aimed towards the home. Can't really tell from this photo.
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    1. NE [Frontage has the auspicious double #9's] 1.1. The facing direction has the double auspicious #9's or current prosperity wealth stars at it's frontage. 1.2. It would be excellent if there is a pool of water at this frontage to activate it. 1.3. Alternatively, one can consider a water position if there is a balcony, here. 2. NORTH vs EAST 2.1. If this is an apartment, usually the Master bedroom or Living Room is either at North or East sector or vice-versa. 2.2. Since North and East belongs to the East group person, for a West group person, one can still see if either falls in a West group's: Irritation, Spook or worse-off Death or Disaster. A West group person, may consider the bedroom at his/her lesser "Irritation or Spook" sectors rather than "Death or Disaster". 2.3. Given that East has the nasty #5 = misfortune/sickness. While North has the lesser #2 = sickness; it is thus better to avoid the #5 in a bedroom. 2.4. As we found out that East has #5. It is still better in this instance to have the Master bedroom at North sector. And locate the Living room at East sector instead: for both East or West group main breadinner(s). 3. SE 3.1. Ideally, bedroom is not located in the SE sector. Hopefully, this is the kitchen or yard or air-con ledge or even a missing corner. Not so bad if SE is the dining room area. 4. CENTRE 4.1. Good if the Centre of the house is the corridor leading to the bedrooms or directly in-front of the household shelter or the door leading into the shared toilet. 4.2. Thus not ideal if the Centre has clear space. Equally inauspicious if the stove is directly at the centre-point. Neither should the sink or the WC be located, here. 5. WEST & SOUTH 5.1. Both West & South have the auspicious coming prosperity #1 wealth star. Nice if this is a bedroom, study room or open-space. 5.2. Otherwise, since this is the coming prosperity wealth luck, no choice if it is in a confine area such as a toilet or yard. Still acceptable. 6. NW 6.1. Hopefully, this is not kitchen. If so, it can be affected by "Fire at Heaven's Gate". Preferably, it is the dining area or open space. Like North, it can still sustain a bedroom. But need to balance this bedroom for health.
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